Help for dyeing awkward coat
  • I have a beige Burberry trench coat, cotton treated with something that makes it not absorb dye so well. I dyed it in the washing machine using iDye black and it came out denim blue. Not bad but it was uneven because an oil spill on the material hadn't been removed in its pre-wash. I then bleached it with a chlorine bleach and redyed it with Dylon black (our iDye supplier closed down) twice but the colour did not take at all. I can mail order iDye but the coat can only take so much abuse. Can I use an iDye poly and iDye regular at the same time and would that solve the problem of the 'wax' on the cotton? What else would you recommend? Thank you.
  • Hi Hopeful,

    You are running into one of the biggest issues with trying to dye treated cloth. As a rule we recommend against even trying it. There is also the issue of the oil on the material that caused the uneven dyeing - if that can't be removed you will continue to get an uneven dye job.
    Using the iDye Poly with the iDye for natural fibers is unlikely to give you any better success...
    Wish I had better news for you.
    One other product you might want to consider is our Dye-Na-Flow. This is a very flowable, transparent (like a dye) paint. Painting something as large as a trench coat has its own issues, but this is a possibility. Take a look at the paints here:
    and if you have more questions let me know.

  • Hello Annette,
    Thank you very much for your informative response. The Dye-Na-Flow looks interesting but I would be worried about the colour being uneven where brush strokes overlapped, which is likely on something as awkward as a coat.
    I'm still optimistic about iDye because on my first attempt, it took evenly except for a small area where I had spilled greasy food. I bleached then washed the coat well to remove that small grease patch, so I think I still may be successful. I suppose my question is whether I can use iDye and iDye poly in the same dye bath (washing machine) and whether I even need to use the iDye poly.
    Thanks for any more advice, I appreciate it.
    Hopeful dyer.
  • Hi again,

    You are very welcome!
    As you wish to go forward with the dyeing I would guess that the iDye Poly won't be necessary. However, in order to get a true deep black it would be best to use the stove top method as you will get much better results. There is a good chance that using the machine dye method will result in a color similar to your original results.

    hope this helps,
  • Thanks Annette, I'll let you know how it turns out!
  • I look forward to hearing from you!