Airfix and Dy-na-flo
  • So it seems if I want to avoid spending tons of time carefully ironing my silks to set the paint I should be using Airfix.
    Can I add it directly to the 2.5 ounce jars of paint and will it last or do I need to add it each time I use it? How much would I put in the jar if I can do that?
    I am also wondering how much dye then bleeds out in the rinsing process. Once I figured out the ironing thing I did hardly any rinsing. Does this give you the same results with little bleeding and bright colors? Thanks for your help.
  • Hi Qi,

    We recommend adding the AirFix only to the paint you'd be using on a project. It takes VERY little of the AirFix, 1 teaspoon per quart of paint, so you will literally be using only drops of AirFix at a time (unless you are painting sheet sized pieces:)
    You shouldn't have any bleed/rinse out of the paint in the rinsing process, though we do recommend letting the fabric dry/set for 72 hours before rinsing and I know some folks toss their pieces in the dryer at the end of the 72 hours for a little 'extra guarantee' . And yes, you do get the same bright colors and no bleeding.

    life just got easier!
  • Goodness I sure hope so. It has been taking forever to get the scarves I currently have ironed. I will order some of this before I do anymore. Thanks for your help :-)
  • You are most welcome!