NoFlow removal from silk
  • I primed my silk habotai with Jacquard NoFlow and then painted on thickened fiber-reactive dye. Great color and the NoFlow slowed/stopped the dye from wicking. After rinsing out the dye in warm water, I scrubbed the piece against itself in warm water. Repeated with warm water and blue liquid dish detergent. Soaked it in hot water and Synthrapol, rinsed. Then I agitated in hot water with Molsoft textile softener followed by a warm water rinse. Then into the washer for warm water, cool rinse cycle. The fabric is still stiff from the NoFlow. How do I get it gone completely?
  • Yikes! What did you use to thicken the dye? The NoFlow should come out with the amount of rinsing you've done so I'm not sure what is going on here.

  • Dye thickener was sodium alginate with chemical water. BTW my water is softened.
  • How did you fix the dye? Steam? Dyeset concentrate?
  • Dye not fixed with steam or dyeset concentrate. I used soda ash and let it dry overnight.
  • Hi Suzanne,

    I spoke with our chemist about this because it did seem to me as though you'd done sufficient rinsing and washing. However, he tells me that as there is obviously thickener left in the fabric that more soaking and rinsing is what's needed. He suggested soaking the fabric in very hot water for a couple of hours till the water cools then change the water and soak again until the water cools then wash with a bit of detergent and warm water, either by hand or in your machine. If that doesn't do it then...repeat.
    I don't think the addition of soda ash to the mix should have made a difference (talked to him before I got you info about setting) based on what he told me.

    For future reference, I've found that presoaking fabric with soda ash and letting it dry (especially when using thickened dyes) is a sufficient antifusant for painting on silk...just another option?