How to soften the shade of color
  • Hello,
    I have a garment sewn of stretchy fabric I assume is cotton with lycra/spandex in various 1-5cm brown and white color stripes. I am looking for the way to make the brown stripes a lighter shade to create a more subtle contrast to white and not affecting the whiteness of the white. Is it possible to do and how, not damaging the fabric?
  • Hi Ana,

    The only products we have that might work for something like this would be our Color Remover or Discharge Paste. However, controlling the amount of color removed with either of these would require a bit of testing making neither very practical for this job.
    In addition to that fact, the Color Remover requires significant heat (boiling water) which could adversely affect the lycra/spandex and both products work only on dyes and the garment may well be colored with pigments and neither product would be effective in that case.
    ...Perhaps someone out there knows of another product/idea that might work?

  • I tried lightening color over the past couple of days and I have found that putting on the color then rinsing out the fabric an hour or two after application will soften and lighten the colors dramatically! The only problem is, if you plan on doing this, you will want to put your permanent colors on first according the directions (letting sit for 12-24 hours) then rinsing, washing, etc. Once you have done that, then apply the color to be lightened, rinse after the first hour or 2 and finish with the wash, etc. By doing this, the color will still stain the fabric, but hasn't had enough time to completely penetrate all the fibers! I would test colors first... depending on the color you are going for, you may need determine how long the color needs to be on the fabric to achieve the results you are looking for!
  • Loralye2,

    It would be best if you could name the product you are working with - I considered deleting this post as spam when I first read and what held my hand is the amount of detail you included. However, as Jacquard carries many products for coloring fabric it would be good to know what you are working with.