Paint peeling off leather
  • I have had great results painting leather shoes with Lumiere, but a recent pair I did shows cracking and peeling. I sealed the shoes with a different sealant than usual and I wonder if that's the problem. I used Plaid's Folk Art Outdoor Gloss Sealer. (I also used a little acrylic paint retardant mixed in with the Lumiere, but that hasn't been caused a problem before.)

    Can anyone advise me? THANKS!

  • Hi Margot,

    While I don't have personal experience with the Plaid product you mention, given you've not had problems before I'd have to suspect that product. In our How to Paint with Jacquard booklet, Sherrill Kahn recommends using Future luquid floor wax as a sealant when using Luimere and Neopaque on shoes.
    Hope this helps.