dyeing rayon
  • i want to dye a small rayon sweater very light pink, not bright pink like the package. how much dye should i use? should i leave it in for a shorter time?
  • Which dye are you using?

  • iDye .49oz in pkg pink
  • Thank you for that info. The best way to get a light pink is to use less dye. I can't advise to the specific amount as 'very light pink' is very subjective. However, I would recommend using 1/8th of the package of dye (the best way to do this is to dissolve the packet in a quart jar of very hot water, and measure from there - so 1/8th of the quart of dye liquid) and dye per the instructions on the inside of the packet. Trying to dye for a shorter period of time risks poor fixation.
    One last thing - it is always easier to overdye rather than remove color so you might want to start with even less than 1/8th of the packet of dye - err to the side of caution!

    hope this helps