indigo kit
  • Hello, I am new to this site. I am in Australia and we can no longer buy the indigo Kit. Does anyone know what has happened? Many thanks
  • Hi Samsal,

    I don't know off the top of my head why the Indigo Kit is currently unavailable in Australia, but I will check into that when the office opens again.

  • Hi again,

    I checked in with the folks-in-the-know and the reason the Indigo Kit is no longer available in AU is because we are prevented from shipping that product because of the reducing chemicals.
    An alternative would be to purchase the pre-reduced Indigo and use your own, hopefully, accessible reduction agents (thiox or hydrosulfate).
    Building a vat is pretty simple even without the kit. Indigo_Instructions.pdf

    Not what you wanted to hear, I suspect, but hope this helps none-the-less.

  • Thanks for your help. Elaine