How to keep silk from fraying
  • I don't sew but I bought that neat Silk fabric for my inkjet.
    Now, I do I keep it from fraying?

    Thanks alot!

    Jim McMullin
  • Hi,

    What will determine the finishing on the on the edges is the end use of the image.

    If you are just using it for collage then the adhesive would prevent any fraying. If you are going to appliqué it to the front of a shirt that will be washed you could use a fusible bonding material such as Stitch Witchery, Fus-O-Bond, or Wonder Under Craft.

  • Thank you Celia, now if I just wanted to use it by itself, is it possible to hem such a lite fabric?

  • Hi,
    Yes you could hem it without any problems.
  • A very small narrow hem looks best on such light weight fabric, or a rolled hem. You could even use heirloom sewing techniques to attach a nice flat lace or gathered English or French lace to the edge. This is very easy. And really nice lace is usually 100% cotton and very easy to dye or paint.