Do other people have a problem with the green label green color dyes, shifting and/or streaking?
  • I have had no problems with the other colors, I use the serti technique. I sometimes mix it with other colors and/ or dilute with water, could this be the problem? It gives an interesting effect, but it is very unpredictable (usually happens when it's a large area or background).
  • Hi Survivor,

    When you say you 'mix it with other colors' does that mean that you mix it with other dye types, like Red Label or Acid dye?
    And shifting? Does the color shift tone or hue? Are you seeing 'blossoms' of a different color at the edges or in thinner spots?
    As for the streaking - that is usually a result of uneven application. I still have trouble getting my large areas smooth, but I know it can be done - Karen Sistik is a master at it - check this out:

  • Hi Annette,
    I sometimes mix it with other green label colors, and yes the edges become dark and kind of brown. If I keep the edge wet while working and really sweep it with the brush, I can soften the edge line, but it's still blotchy. I have only had the problem with the green color (sometimes turquoise but I can work with it easier). I have taken a couple of photos to explain what I mean, is there a way to post them?
  • Hi S,

    I'd love to see the photos - the best way to post them is via an independent site like instagram or flickr - our forum host doesn't support photo attachments:(
    Do all your colors become dark and brown at the edges?
    And yes, keeping your leading edge wet is very important to ensure smoothness.