Coated ripstop nylon for kites
  • I build kites as a hobby.
    The fabric we build our kites from is "coated ripstop nylon"
    I want to paint a picture on white r/s nylon for one of my kites.
    The problem is that at (kitebuilding forum) nobody knows what the "coating" is.
    I have tried Setasilk and the colours are ok but when i washed my test piece in warm water and washing up liquid, the colours came off.
    I know about setting with an iron.

    Any ideas?:confused:

  • See if you can buy plain uncoated ripstop nylon (do a search for "greige ripstop nylon"), then coat it yourself using a DWR (durable water repellant) finish such as one of the products made by Nikwax.

    Uncoated nylon can be colored with fabric paints or dyed with acid dye.