Brown grabs fabric too quickly (and unevenly)
  • What can I use to slow down the dye process and get a more even result? I'm trying to get a golden-brown for the Prisoner of Azkaban scarves. I've been dyeing the yarn with a mix of Yellow Sun, Bright Yellow, Golden Yellow and brown. However, The parts of the wool that touch the water first grab too much of the brown dye (the yellow seems to take longer to bond and so the brown beats it to the yarn first). Also, the dye tends to exhaust before it can reach the inner/ later parts and if I make a stronger bath the outer parts just get darker.

    • My dyes are mixed in spring water

    • I soak the Yarn in a mix of water, Synthrapol and sometimes add citric acid to this water.

    • Make a dye bath of citric acid, water and a dash of Synthrapol

    • Add wool to new bath

    • Pull out the wool and add dye

    • Put the wool back in