Need some tips and advice.
  • I need a little advice on how exactly to go about this. I've made a couple eyeball tie dyes already, but I was hoping you all could give me some tips on how to make a cleaner looking pupil. And I threw in this album of all my other tie dyes just for fun! Thanks guys
    Here is the gallery:
  • Hi there,

    You seem to have a good handle on tieing - one thing that comes to mind regarding your eyeballs, as it looks like your ties are good, would be to thicken your dyes a bit. You could use sodium alginate to thicken the dye just a bit and that will give you a bit more control with the application of the dye.

    hope this helps
  • Thanks! Is there any other way to thicken the dye?
  • I don't know of any off the top of my head. I suppose agar-agar might work, it is a food purpose seaweed thickener, but I've not played with that.
    Another option might be to treat the fabric with No-Flow prior to dyeing - this is an anitfusant, used to control the flow of dye through fabrics. Again, not sure how this would work as I've not played with it, but I'm betting you could get some very interesting effects.

    hope this helps,