Useing Pearlex in Cosmetics?
  • Can anyone tell me if I can use my pearlex pigments when making cosmetics? I see companies selling mica powders for cosmetics, but is there a difference?

    Shannon :confused:
  • Hi,
    We do not state that it is approved for use on skin. However it is mica powder and that is what is used in most cosmetics. Do a test first.
  • I am interested in using your mica for the same thing. Specifically lip applications. I already know this much: Micas do not all contain the same ingredients so a test of one does not = all are good. For instance, mica that contains Carmine is safe for lips and eyes but not for soap making. Mica that contains Ferric Ferrocyanide is not safe for the lips or soap making but is okey dokey for the eyes.
    Do you or Can you list the ingredients in each of the colors that you carry? That would be really nice. I have a Mica Safety chart and that way I will know which are safe and which are not.

    Thanks Wendy
  • Hi Wendy,

    As I've written before--we cannot recommend Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments for any kind of cosmetic use. Our production facility handles a wide variety of dyes and chemicals and although we handle these things with care it's not the same kind of environment that would be found in a cosmetics plant. Here is a link to Essential Wholesale--a website that may suit your needs better;
    Their stuff looks pretty nice.