Dying cashmere
  • Hello Everybody.

    I friend referred me to this forum, because I would like to dye some cashmere.

    I bought some "white" cashmere and one cone turned out to have a yellowish color to it. I would need to dye this whole thing. I'm knitting a stole and half of the stole was done before I noticed the difference in shade. Do I have to wind it in a skein and dye it that way? What color would give me a uniform result? I assume I would need to dye all the yarn at once.

    My othet question is also about cashmere. I have some burnt orange yarn I would like to dye. What color should I use to get a good result?
    I'm new to this whole idea, so I would appreciate any information.

  • Hi,

    Acid dye is the best dye for any wool. Here is the link to the instructions.


    Yes unwind the wool so that the dye will penetrate all of the fiber in the dye bath. Ideally dye all the yarn together to acheive the same shade.

    If the wool is burnt orange I would say it is safer to stick with reds, browns and earth tones if you are overdyeing. You could try and remove the color with our color remover if you like.