Dyeing Small Batches of Silk Ribbon, new to dyeing
  • I need to dye many small batches of silk ribbon for a group project at our cloth doll club. I am unable to buy Silk Ribbon locally so I really need to learn to dye my own anyway. I have Procion MX dye. I'm new to dyeing but I followed the thread regarding microwave dyeing using baggies and jars.

    How would I dye silk ribbon in several different shades of one color? Could I make a few yards of vibrant in the first batch, a few yards to get less color in the second batch and a few yards in a lighter color in the last batch. Using the same original batch of dye but getting lighter for each shade. Does that make any sense?

    Any help or ideas on how to dye small batches of silk ribbon would be greatly appreciated. These would be very small batches for sure.

    I also have the following products: Textile Colors, Dye-na-Flow (used it once to paint silk ribbon, had a stiff feel), Neopaque, Lumiere, Sherrills Sorbets and Pear-Ex. Can any of these be used and how.

    I'm happy to find this group so I can learn to use these products and more!

    I have another question, What is LWI ?

    Thank you very much for the help!
    Sharon Johnson
    Stanwood, WA
  • But I'm not sure anyone is answering questions lately.

    Dharma Trading Company has directions for using Setacolor Transparent Paints on silk ribbon. Tutorial

    You may want to use millsoft to restore a nice hand to the fabric after dyeing/painting.

    Otherwise, it's silk dyes or acid dyes and I think you might need millsoft with them as well.

    It's interesting that you felt there was a stiff feeling to the silk; they claim that it isn't supposed to leave much (or any) of a "paint" feeling on the fabric.
  • Dear Sharon,

    Make up a dye bath with, lets say, 8oz of water and one teaspoon of dye. Mix. Take three other 8 oz container. Add to each the dye from the original mix. One container gets 1 oz, the next 2 oz and the next 4oz. Add to each plain water up to 8 oz. There you have your graduation of color. You can use these different concentrations as a small dye bath or you can pour the dye over the silk ribbon.

    Michael Katz
  • Thank you both for the reply to my question. I did manage to dye the ribbon using my Procion MX dyes and they turned out very nice.
    Since then I ordered the Colorhue dyes especially for silk ribbon. I haven't tried them yet.

    We had our Silk Ribbon lesson at doll club and it turned out very well.

    I am still wondering what "LWI" stands for?

    Have a great day!
    Sharon Johnson
    Stanwood, WA
  • I have another question, What is LWI ?
    LWI stands for low water immersion dyeing, in which more water is used than in direct dye application or tie-dyeing, but less than in a regular immersion dyebath.

  • Thank you Paula, I should have realized that as I have the book Color By Accident by Ann Johnston's

    I apprecaiate your answer.

    Have a great day!
    Sharon Johnson
    Stanwood, WA