What is the proper technique for dyeing an 11 lb couch slipcover and all of the cushions/pillows?
  • PLEASE HELP! Hello, We would like to dye our wraparound couch from a light beige to a Caribbean bluish color. I have been researching both Procion and Idye products. What would you recommend?? I am hesitant about using my top-load washer because the bigger slipcover weighs 11 lbs (dry weight). I am afraid that the washer will be overloaded and the material will result with streaks or blotches. I have washed this slipcover in my washer before without any issue, but I am still nervous about DYEING it... Please advise!!!
  • Hi there. The dye you use depends on what type of fabric your cover is made of. I invite you to give our Customer Service department a call at 800-442-0455 and they'll be happy to walk you through it.