Adding "dots" to a piece without using a stamp
  • I'm doing a series of letters using Jacquard water-based resist to outline the letters and then Dyna Flow as the paint. I want to decorate the old-style letters with a Lumiere color that matches the color of the resist. The decoration will be a series of dots (about 1/8" in diameter) in a line down the edges of each letter. I don't want to just use a stamp because I want the dots to stand out from the fabric. I'm looking for suggestions for how to apply the dots. Should I just use a small paint brush? (I'm concerned that if I do that, the dots won't be a uniform size.) Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
  • are you using the 1/2 ounce bottles with the metal tips to apply your resist? i've found those work quite well for making the sort of dots you are talking about.