Painting Sneakers
  • I have seen questions and answers concerning painting canvas shoes, but I was wondering about patent leather sneakers. If anyone has had experience painting leather with these paints any advice would be helpful.

  • it paints really well but seems to crease pretty noticeably after one wear. I posted a question in another thread about possibly increasing it's flexibility to reduce the creasing and am waiting hopefully for answer.

    Sorry Patent leather is probably not gonna hold the paint, best to leave it alone i think. I thought you were talking about regular leather.

    you SHOULD strip the original leathers finish off first before applying the paint. I use acetone and some cotton balls
  • Unless you are able to abrade the surface of your patent leather shoes somewhat there is a fair chance you will experience some cracking or flaking when you wear the shoes. Using, as Ceilia suggested, a very fine wire wool to create a bit of surface texture will probably help.

  • thanks for the advice ... If I go with Jacquard Paints I will let yall know how it turned out.
  • In this season's (Winter 2008) edition of Altered Couture Journal, a woman was featured for her clever covering of shoes with Japanese Washi Paper. I would think that after you have successfully covered shoes with paper, you could apply a number of paints, dyes, etc.