Pinata yellow changing to orange and red
  • I'm making corn cob ink pens. There is a write up in Woodturning magazine giving a tutorial of this process. The author of that article used Dye Na Flow. I'm using Pinata colors. They work great! The only problem that I am having is when using yellow. I apply the dye with a paper towel on the freshly sanded corncob. Great looking yellow. I let it dry for an hour or so and then apply my finish. I'm using superglue, or CA glue. Cyanoacrilate glue for the topcoat. When the glue cures the yellow changes to red right before your eyes. The orange seems to change color a bit, but not very much. Red works great, Black works great, and blue works well. What's up with yellow?
  • Hi,
    It is caused by a reaction between the glue and the Pinata color one of the chemicals is interacting with the dye in the pinata color. Try using another varnish rather than glue as the last coat to see if that solves the problem. If you'd care to share them post up some pictures of the finished work.
    Thanks Celia
  • OK,

    I'll take a photo and put it up. I can use a water based polyurethane finish instead of the CA. I'll try that. Takes a while longer to apply, but it's doable.