Just a Heads Up
  • I wanted to apply dye by hand so I thought I would save money and I purchased plastic ketchup and mustard bottles at the dollar store instead of the plastic bottles with the yorker top. BIG MISTAKE. I am a newbie at tie dying and after I died my first swirl I noticed that I had dripped colors in several areas because the cheapo plastic bottles leaked where the lid attached and the spouts let way too much dye out at once. The dye also got everywhere on the table I was working on. Plumbers tape did not help seal the bottles better. My first time was a messy one. Out of 6 shirts I was only happy with the way 2 turned out. I will sell them on eBay (I hope) to some disc golfers.

    I went to eBay and found some 4 oz. bottles with the yorker top. These are the only way to fly in my opinion. I hope my next dye comes out better. I bought a set of 9 from some nice lady in Florida and they were on my doorstep in 2 days time.

    I am soaking some shirts in ash now as I peruse this forum looking for ideas.

    Sometimes the bargain is not determined by what you pay, but rather it is determined by what you receive.
  • Thanks for that heads up.
    The value we've all received from your experience is the true bargin here!