Jacquard Print on Silk or Cotton purchase in the UK
  • Hi Celia,
    I am based in Stirling and I would like to find a shop that stocks the silk or cotton inkjet sheets .
    Could you please point me to any UK suppler, I would be gratefull if you
    could give me two/three sources.

    Thanks for your help.
    Frank Kemp

    PS Will you be going to any Rabbie's nicht oots in Florida in the coming weeks.
  • Hi,

    Here is a link to our stores list in the UK.


    You can also access this via the STORES link at the top of the page.

    Actually I am in Scotland at the moment and fully intend to have some Haggis (Vegie type!!!), Neeps and Tatties whilst I am here.

    Hope these guys in the UK can help you out.

    Enjoy Burns Nicht.