• I bought a tub of Olive acid dye but I can't get the the Olive colour I am wanting. Instead, I get a chestnut color or gold ochre and dull orange. I have tried several different strengths of dye stocks with no successful results. I keep getting light brown tones.

    I am beginning to think label is wrong on the pot as the powder is more of a golden brown colour...pls help
  • Hi,
    Could be several reasons for this.
    What type of fabric are you dyeing with it? If it has anything other than a protine based fiber it will not work. Also it may be the water quality in your area. Hard water doesn't work very well with acid dyes. Use bottled water instead.
  • hi

    I am using merino wool with the dye. I will try bottled water but the water in my area is medium.

    thanks for the tip
  • Hi there,

    The Olive Green #634 Acid Dye is one of our most interesting dyes. Your end result color is quite dependent on the temperature of the dye bath. While I've not seen the results on wool specifically (and different fibers take the dye in different ways) what I've seen with silk is pretty dramatic. It seems as if the color begins to shift toward the chestnut/russet/brownish side of the spectrum as the temperature increases. Again, I don't have any specifics (I hear an experiement calling my name) but perhaps this will give you an idea of where to go from 'here'.
  • Hi,

    I realized that I forgot to put vinegar in my dye solution. I handpainted the olive on merino roving and steam set for 45 minutes. I did get the lovely golden russet color. WOW, I really like the color!

    I have a couple of questions - Will the dye be colorfast? Would rewetting the wool and soaking in vinegar water be beneficial ( and would it change the color?)

    Thanks for your help...............Skitz
  • Hi again,

    If you heat set the wool long enough that should be enough to set the dye. The vinegar does assist the process but you might be fine.
    As for rewetting the wool in a vinegar water solution...if you rinsed the wool after steam setting and it rinsed to clear I'd say not to worry about it.
  • I have had luck getting the olive to be "olive" by adding a little bit of Teal to the dye bath. :)