how to heat set versatex inks
  • what's the best way to heat set versatex inks used for screen printing? I have been heat setting with a regular iron which works but is scorching my fabric. If I turn the heat setting down, it isn't hot enough. I am printing on cotton t-shirt fabric.
  • Hi,
    You could put the item into the dryer for about 20mins on high.
    Do a wash test after to determin the effictiveness of this method and adjust heat and time in dryer accordingly.
  • Thanks for responding. Have you tried heat setting this way? If yes, how well does it work?
  • It might depend on your dryer. Dharma says to use a commercial dryer at 250°F minimum for 45 minutes (not counting preheating time). Alternatively, they say, use an iron on the hottest setting recommended for the fabric for 15-25 seconds per square foot, or a commercial conveyer-type oven for three minutes at 350°.

    I think that something is wrong with your iron, or possibly with some finish used in your fabric. A 100% cotton t-shirt should be able to be ironed at the highest "cotton" setting for the indicated amount of time without scorching.