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  • General Forums
  • Introductions, general chat &a
    New here? A quick hello's a great way to get your bearings!
    12,334 discussions 13,192 comments
  • Show Off !
    Show your work and tell us a little about your technique.
    23 discussions 83 comments
  • Forum & Site Help
    Found a problem? Can't find what you're looking for? Have a suggestion? Let us know - we're glad to help and always looking for ways to improve our site.
    128 discussions 368 commentsMost recent: Dye over another colour by Tiri9:13AM
  • Textile Arts
  • Immersion Dyeing
    This would involve immersing the whole piece into a dyebath. Examples are garment dyeing, batik, washing machine methods, etc. Also included here is the use of our Wood-n-Reed dyes.
    471 discussions 1,436 comments
  • Tie-Dyeing
    Discuss tie-dye techniques, patterns, and dyes - especially Procion MX dye.
    225 discussions 677 comments
  • Direct Application of Dyes
    Silk painting, silk screening, direct painting, stamping with various dyes.
    224 discussions 827 comments
  • Other Dyeing Techniques
    Any dyeing questions that don't fit into the above 3 categories - Natural dyeing (EColor, Indigo, Pre-reduced Indigo, etc.), chemicals and auxilliaries, resists, etc.
    120 discussions 360 commentsMost recent: Over dyeing alpaca yarn by cljuneNovember 2015
  • Textile Paints and Printing In
    Various application methods of water-based paints and inks--painting, silk-screening, marbling, stamping, airbrushing, and more.
    200 discussions 575 comments
  • Fabric
    Anything regarding fabric.
    145 discussions 426 comments
  • Other Arts & Crafts
  • Pearl Ex and Polymer Clay
    Discussions on the many ways to use Pearl Ex with polymer clay.
    15 discussions 54 comments
  • Pearl Ex and Other Media
    Use of Pearl Ex with Gum Arabic, varnish, extenders on various surfaces.
    63 discussions 182 commentsMost recent: Pearl Ex as makeup by NailedItJanuary 28
  • Pearl-Ex Stamp Pads
    These fun stamp pads provide a new and completely different technique for working with Pearl-Ex.
    10 discussions 18 comments
  • Inkjet on Fabric
    Discuss the techniques and problems of inkjet printing directly onto fabric.
    39 discussions 118 commentsMost recent: Vertical Banding on 44" Roll Silk by JacquardmodSeptember 2015
  • Pinata Colors
    Pinata Colors are highly saturated, acid free, transparent colors that can be used on many surfaces.
    16 discussions 38 comments
  • Miscellaneous
    Discuss anything to do with our products or service that does not fit into any of the other categories.
    118 discussions 323 comments