ExtravOrganza Vases

by Betsy Wilson

You can easily make several vases at one time from just 1 or 2 sheets of ExtravOrganza. The silk photos really do dress up recycled bottles so this is also an inexpensive project.


  • Jacquard ExtravOrganza
  • colored glass recycled bottles or vases (look for a nice cylindrical area for your image. It's nice to have a selection of different colors of recycled bottles or vases.)
  • digital photos
  • spray adhesive (Test on tissue paper or sheer fabric to make sure it doesn't bleed through.)
  • scrap cardboard or paper - to protect your work surface

You'll want to size your photos so they'll fit your recycled bottles or vases. Keep in mind you can use 2 or more photos on the larger bottles front & back or that a vertical view may be better suited to your bottle. Print several photos per sheet of ExtravOrganza to minimize waste. It's best to test your photo size & layout on regular paper first.

After printing your photos on the ExtravOrganza on your inkjet printer, resist the urge to peel the paper backing until you've cut the photos to size. The fabric is much easier to cut with the backing still in place. Leaving an edge for fraying is optional. Remove the backing & fray any edges you like. Hold the silk photos against the vases to determine the best color combination & which background color makes your photo more vivid or most pleasing.

Step 1

In a well ventilated area, lay out your silk photos, 1 or 2 at a time, face down on your scrap cardboard or paper. If you want any fringe to be loose on the vase, mask off the fringed area with scrap paper before spraying the adhesive. Spray a light, even coat of adhesive over the photos. Carefully place your photos onto the vases & continue until your bottle/vase supply is exhausted.

Step 2

Think of the possibilities! Themed party favors, gifts for friends & neighbors, or display your scenic vacation photos, all easily completed in an afternoon!

Finished project

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ExtravOrganza Vases