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Color Magnet Kit Contents


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Color Magnet Dye Kits™

Color Magnet™ is an amazing product that magically attracts more dye where it is applied!

Easily customize garments with the Color Magnet Dye Kit™ using the Color Magnet™ Pen and stencils (included). After Color Magnet™ dries, simply wash the garment along with the dissolvable, washer-safe dye packet in your washing machine. A darker shade of the dye will appear where Color Magnet™ was applied. Rubber bands are included for optional tie dye effects. For ages 8+. Dyes 8-10 shirts.

Color Magnet Dye Kit™
Pink & Yellow base color dyes (Item JAC9200)
Color Magnet Dye Kit_pink color swatchColor Magnet Dye Kit_yellow color swatch

Color Magnet Dye Kit™
Green & Purple base color dyes (Item JAC9201)
Color Magnet Dye Kit_green color swatchColor Magnet Dye Kit_purple color swatch

Color Magnet Dye Kit™

Red & Turquoise base color dyes (Item JAC9202)
Color Magnet Dye Kit_red color swatchColor Magnet Dye Kit_turquoise color swatch

Note: You will need to supply the fabric.

Included in each kit:

- Color Magnet Pen
- Stencil Sheets
  (Letters, Numbers and Symbols)
- Rubber Bands
- Instructions
- Two Packets of Base Color Dye

PDF Color Magnet Dye Kit InstructionsColor Magnet Dye Kit Instructions

2 Simple Steps

Color Magnet Dye Kit two-step process