Castaway Altered Photo

by Sue Stover

This is a really easy way to add some interest and texture to your photos. You can play with the relationship between the photograph and the over-printed image. Have fun!


  • Jacquard Castaway Stamp Pad
  • Photo image to be printed on an inkjet printer
  • Good quality stationary paper
  • Rubber stamp (this one from Toy Box)
  • Colored paper (optional)

1) Print your photo using an inkjet printer onto a good quality stationary paper.

Step 1

2) Stamp over the photograph with the Castaway Stamp Pad. Let the ink dry for a few minutes.

3) With an iron set at the cotton setting, iron over the photograph and see your stamped image appear.

Step 2

4) At this point your photo is done. You can use it how it is in scrapbook pages, cards or tags. If you want, stamp your same (or different) image onto colored papers. Use these for borders or backgrounds for your photo.

Finished project

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Castaway Altered Photo


Sue Stover is an artist that works in a variety of mediums including textiles, encaustic, furniture, sculpture and painting.

You can see Sue's work on her website