Caddy Pinata

By Victoria Garcia


We have a new puppy! She is a Hungarian Vizsla and her name is Annie. Like all puppies she likes to chew on things so every time

I get up from the couch I have to take my cell phone, the house phone and two remote controls with me. When I saw this little basket in the thrift store, I thought it would make a perfect caddy.  What better to jazz it up than with Jacquard's Piñata Alcohol Inks!


Small wicker basket
Jacquard Rich Gold, Rainforest Green and Calabaza Orange Piñata Inks
3 small containers
Fabric piece
Glue gun and glue
Small brushes

  • Run a clean cloth over your basket to be sure it is free of any dust, etc.

  • Pour a small amount of each color into a container.
  • Using a separate brush for each color, paint the basket in your design.

  • After the basket has dried, fold a piece of fabric to fit as an inside liner.
  • Secure around the top edge of the fabric using a glue gun.
Finished project

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Caddy Pinata