Jacquard Yellow Beeswax

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Yellow Beeswax

100% pure yellow refined beeswax for batik, candle making and crafts. The flexibility of beeswax will give less “crackle” when used in batik.

Melting point 144-149°F/62-65°C

1 lb/0.45 kg - block (Item 9901102)

White Beeswax

This pharmaceutical grade granular white beeswax is filtered, not bleached. It is the main ingredient for encaustic paint. It can be used alone; however, when mixed with Damar Resin it will become harder, more translucent, dust repellent and can be buffed to a satin sheen.

Melting point  144-149°F/62-65°C

1 lb/0.45 kg - bag (Item 9901502)

Jacquard White Beeswax

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