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Basic Dye

The perfect colors for hard-to-dye substrates. Developed for acrylic, these dyes are also great on wood, reeds, straw, paper, leather and hemp! Use them for potpourri, wigs, buttons…the list is endless.

They are bright, beautiful and easy-to-use. In fact, basic dyes may be used to color a variety of fibers (including silk and wool), but because they tend to have poor light- and washfastness ratings, they are generally only used when other dyes (such as acid dyes or fiber reactive dyes) are not an option. Despite their poor lightfastness, however, basic dyes offer some of the most vibrant and intense colors available for any fiber, and may be used whenever maximum color intensity is desired.

Acrylic, wood, reeds, straw, hemp, paper and leather

Size - 13 colors

 1/2 oz/14.17 g  (Item JBD1)
 1 lb/0.45 kg  (Item JBD3)*

*Larger sizes available at the Jacquard Bulk & Specialty Store

Also Available Basic Dye Set

PDF - Basic Dye InstructionsBasic Dye Instructions


Peeta Tinay's basket dyed with Basic Dye







Custom woven basket by Peeta Tinay, dyed with Jacquard’s Basic Dye


  001 Yellow   009 Red   017 Turquoise   025 Black
  003 Golden Yellow   011 Purple   019 Malachite    
  005 Orange   013 Crystal Violet   021 Green    
  007 Pink   015 Blue   023 Brown